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The following post is written by Peter McLean of Project Vvlgar. This article represents the out-of-the box way of doing espresso. It is uncommon enough to call it “out-of-the-box,” but not so uncommon to place it somewhere in “left field.” This actually complements an article I have previously written on the misguided preference for dark roasts. For further thoughts, check out Tom Owens’ (of Sweet Marias) two-cents on the “New Classic Espresso.”

Peter writes:

When I first started serving coffee at the age of seventeen I didn’t know much about beans, or roasts, or even what constituted a good cup of coffee. The word extraction was pretty foreign to me, as was ‘single origin’, crema, and a lot of other terms that I now find myself using pretty regularly.

One of the biggest areas of confusion for me was espresso roasts versus an espresso grind.  I knew that we were grinding an ‘espresso blend’ at the shop I worked at but there was a lot that didn’t make sense to me.  What happened if we ground a light roast like it was espresso?  Would the universe explode?



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