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James Bond Pulling a Shot

Okay, so…I’m secretly in the market for a pump home espresso machine. Check out 007 working the La Pavoni!


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Profile Coffee Roasting Explained…A Little Bit.

Disclaimer: This is far less sexy and far more nerdy than my Giveaway videos. It tends toward the science of the roast.

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This week we received a coffee that has created quite a buzz in the coffee roasting community—the Brazilian Bob-O-Link. To find out more about the story behind the Bob-O-Link coffee, check out the website here: http://www.bobolinkcoffee.com/OrganicCoffee.asp?op=History

This video demonstrates creative ways of producing sustainably farmed coffees that we really need to recognize as a good, and I think better, alternative to Fair Trade. Fair Trade is a great response to the problem of corrupt middle-men in the global market, particularly in the coffee industry. FT basically makes sure that cooperatives are paying fair prices to their farmers. In fact, Fair Trade only certifies cooperatives, not individual farms. Cooperatives are for farmers the connection to the outside world, so the farmers are often at the mercy of these cooperatives. Some coops are better than others, but the ideal situation would be for farmers to not have to go through coops, but just sell directly to roasters or at least importers who sell to roasters. If we could eliminate that step in the supply chain, we would be eliminating the biggest cause of the problem of low wages to laborers. And because a smaller number of people are profiting from a given crop, those who are profiting are profiting more. And this ultimately translates into lower prices to consumers, which helps to keep sales up and the specialty coffee industry afloat. So just know that to be a responsible consumer sometimes means more than buying Fair Trade. In fact, if you only by FT, you may be excluding many of those who are just as if not more concerned about sustainability than anyone involved in the FT network. Something to consider.



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